Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to Increase Blog Traffic us

How do I increase traffic on their blogs without having to rely on search engines? These are questions that often arise by a new start blogging.

When a new blog created, one source of visitor traffic can be expected is a search engine. The search engine's vital role in bringing heavy traffic to blogs. However, it takes more hard work to enjoy it. For example by creating original content and learn the science of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so that our blog's position on the search engine gets good ratings.

If so is there another way to improve traffic flow without relying blog search engine? There, about which there are eight ways you can try. Here are eight tips from me.

1. Frequently commented on the blogs of others. Please comment in accordance with the articles, not just commenting to "littering" aka SPAM. Try not to let you be the first commentator. If you comment on a blog that is visited by thousands of visitors per day, so be prepared to be showered other visitors who drop by the swift.

2. If you are diligent in sending an email to print reader letters, use the email address ending in your blog domain. With the more frequent your blog domain name emerged, so the reader could print media will be surfing on your blog directly. If I can use words on your email reader's letter to inform the reader opens your blog, that there is anything useful there. Remember to inform different from recommending. Do not get your email is not loaded because it has a "hidden advertising".

3. Give your email signatures or signature on the email to direct readers to visit your blog for example by including your blog address. Example: DHINATA.COM | Learn web design, Internet, and online business. So always use the official email that ends in your domain to send email to as many people as possible. And again I remind you, AVOID SPAM!

4. Take advantage of the facility signatures on an online discussion forum. Its contents could be like in your email signature. If you are including as an active member the other members will not hesitate to access your personal blog. So do not just ask on the forum often, but frequently provide useful solutions and opinions for other members.
5. Make the work that can be distributed online. I personally often manggunakan ecard as one means of promotion. For example by making flash-based ecard and send it to Do not forget to include your blog address, because usually there is no prohibition for that. The more people who send you an ecard, will be increasingly well-known name of your blog.

6. Not all editors of print and electronic media had the idea to write articles every day. Then you can give information that your blog can provide the information they need, so they volunteered to discuss your blog in his writings. If you can, write it yourself articles according to the rubric of media and theme of your blog and then send it to them.

7. Create another article involving bloggers in writing. For example, by quoting and commenting on writing one of his famous blogger in your blog. The term is often used by bloggers for this is like "playing ping pong." Give feedback to others form your opinions as well as linking to their blogs. If you're lucky enough, the bloggers will give you a link to your blog in one article.

8. There is no harm to register your blog in the media, free online advertising network. I do not mean the classifieds. The shape is similar to Google's AdWords, but this media is not paid or free. One is We are allowed to advertise on our blog on other people with the requirements of the site we also want other people to advertise on our blog. The trick is to put a few lines of JavaScript that has been provided on our blog. For further information you can see the site.

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